3D modeling is my heart's favorite aside from being an expert in this field. Right below is my 3D model of a cyborg character I created from concept to completion. The sea creatures below the cyborg are also my own creations where I explored mysterious styles for my character designs. The very last of the 3D models are face blend shapes. These are used for character animation of the face. They are happy, joy, surprised, angry, scared, sad.    

Cyborg Front View

Cyborg Side View

Cyborg Side View Close

Cyborg Back View

Cyborg Wire Frame Front

Cyborg Wire Frame Three-Quarters

Cyborg Wire Frame Back

Sea Creature Baby

Sea Queen Creature Side

Sea Queen Creature

Wire Frame Three-Quarters

Wire Frame Side









Digital Artist / Freelancer.


Nichole Campbell specializes in digital art and is a pioneer in the field of concept design, digital painting, 3D modeling, and texturing. With the mouse as her brush, and the screen as her canvas, she uses computer technology to skillfully intertwined realistic styles along with techniques and methods of traditional painting to create a harmonious, pure and peaceful art. Using the mouse, she digitally paints her heart’s delight on the screen, depicting gentle variations of everyday scenes. She relies on the precise, focused mouse as her “brush,” fusing the souls of the landscape, human and creature figures through “spirit, breath, bone, blood and flesh,” and sketching the “body” of the universe, to achieve the “epitome of digital painting.”


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