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Nichole Campbell / Digital Art / Freelancer 

From Yonkers New York, CGI Artist Nichole Campbell ventured out to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University. Today, Nichole is a San Francisco based artist who creates breathtaking masterpieces that represent a world of imagination. She explores new ideas, enlightenment, and innovation reflected in a body of finely detailed paintings. Nichole uses digital computer technology along with traditional painting techniques to exemplify passion, ambition, and endless creativity.  

Software Expertise

* Maya * ZBrush * Mudbox * Photoshop * Illustrator * InDesign * After Effects * Nuke * Software Plug-Ins

- Proficient concept design skills expanding character, creature, environment and various prop designs

- Expertise in digital painting with a wide range of artistic styles from highly realistic to cartoon
- Advanced 3D modeling skills in the creation of characters, creatures, vehicles, environments and props
- Experienced with texturing & UV mapping for characters, creatures, vehicles, props and environments
- Skillful
 in rendering/lighting scenes with Maya and 3D Max Arnold, Mental Ray and other plug-ins 

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