Nichole Campbell / Digital Art / Freelancer 

Born and raised in New York, Digital Artist Nichole Campbell ventured out to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University. Today, Nichole is a San Francisco based artist who creates breathtaking masterpieces that represent a world of imagination. She explores new ideas, enlightenment, and innovation reflected in a body of finely detailed paintings. Nichole uses digital computer technology along with traditional painting techniques to exemplify passion, ambition, and endless creativity.  


Nichole Campbell founded Dream World Treasures (online decor store) in 2019. Dream World Treasures offers unique and exquisite hand-painted digital art with the initiative to inspire with influential visions. You can visit the online store at 


Software Expertise

* Maya * ZBrush * Mudbox * Photoshop * Illustrator * InDesign * After Effects * Nuke * Software Plug-Ins

- Proficient concept design skills expanding character, creature, environment and various prop designs

- Expertise in digital painting with a wide range of artistic styles from highly realistic to cartoon
- Advanced 3D modeling skills in the creation of characters, creatures, vehicles, environments and props
- Experienced with texturing & UV mapping for characters, creatures, vehicles, props and environments
- Intermediate skills in rendering/lighting scenes with Maya Arnold, Mental Ray and other plug-ins 


Digital Artist / Freelancer.


Nichole Campbell specializes in digital art and is a pioneer in the field of concept design, digital painting, 3D modeling, and texturing. With the mouse as her brush, and the screen as her canvas, she uses computer technology to skillfully intertwined realistic styles along with techniques and methods of traditional painting to create a harmonious, pure and peaceful art. Using the mouse, she digitally paints her heart’s delight on the screen, depicting gentle variations of everyday scenes. She relies on the precise, focused mouse as her “brush,” fusing the souls of the landscape, human and creature figures through “spirit, breath, bone, blood and flesh,” and sketching the “body” of the universe, to achieve the “epitome of digital painting.”


For all inquiries please contact me at  

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